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My Story

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While growing up, my parents ran a community theater company... which meant I often bossed my classmates around on the playground. 


The story goes like this... when I was 3, I would sit at the table my parents had their meetings - and I would raise my hand until they would call on me.   I would then say "I think

Californ-ja."  It was the biggest word I knew at the time (pronunciation be damned) and I wanted to be important.  My parents kindly obliged... and they kind of never stopped. 


So now I have a blog and a website.

I am currently living in Washington and I am the Education & Outreach Coordinator for Edmonds Center for the Arts and I'm pretty ecstatic about it.  My adorable husband, Ed, and I just arrived in April 2019 and we are loving the exploration of our new home.


I hope you enjoy my stories and poems and things.  But if you don't - that's cool too - just maybe don't tell me.

Some MORE info about me - if you're into that kind of thing...

School Stuff:

California Lutheran University - BA in Theater

Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts - Certificate in Acting

New School for Drama - MFA in Acting

Teaching Artist Stuff:

Edmonds Center for the Arts - Education & Outreach Coordinator

Las Virgenes Unified School District - Storytelling Residency and Professional Development

Seattle Children's Theater - Certified Teaching Artist

Child's Play - New York

Turtle Dove Children - New York 

Writing and Performance Stuff:

Kim Maxwell Studio Workshop Performances:

"You Got The Wrong Pork Chops"

 "My Therapist Calls It Larceny",

"Is This What I'm Doing Now?",

"Lil' Cruelties"

- and many more!

Townies Podcast Appearances: (Check out the Recent News page for links!)

  • Why You Don't Want To Be With Me, Episode 2

  • Dear Doris, Episode 7

  • Daughter’s Father, Episode 11

  • Denim Jacket, Episode 16

  • Season 2, Episode 205: Doug and Katie

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