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Dearest Me

Dear me...

What if it treated you how I treated my friends?

Or my husband?

Or my co-workers?

What if I gave you equal weight in my heart?

Like I do for the ones I hold dear...

Dear me, it feels like a terrible thing to do - this equilibrium.

It throws me off course.

Maybe that’s as it should be.

I’ve always found balance after falling.

Perhaps I should fall for myself.

I’ve never tried it.

What would I say to me, for instance,

To woo myself?

How could I be my valentine?

Would I get myself flowers?

Set up a fancy meal?

Surprise myself with chocolates?

Is that what I would do?

Or would I cuddle up next to me and tell me I was beautiful?

Or would I put my hand on my leg and let myself know it would be ok?

Would I kiss myself and exclaim my love?

Would I give myself time, space, and energy?

Dear, dear me - it seems like a lovely thing to do.


(Want to write your own love note/poem - head over to the Arts Integration Resources Page for the new activities for February!!!)

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